I bring a diverse framework to the ad agency construct. With a background in fine art, I also have experience in music and fiction. With an appreciation of the written and spoken word and as a lover of great movies, I understand the value of storytelling to a brand’s DNA. As a “hands on” art director/creative director—I'm in the trenches with the latest Adobe Creative Suite. As a human who has been creative all of my life–I just don't feel complete unless I’m pushing some kind of creative boundary.

I’ve worked for a big ad agency, a smallish ad agency, and I freelanced for many years. When I worked on my own, I developed a methodology, that it turns out is very similar to the way the many of the great agencies work–DDB, TBWA\Chiat\Day and Landor to name a few. Layering onto that, I prefer to work on brands that need a thoughful human with a vision.


I’m able to synthesize info dumps, find campaign nuggets, and make connections.

Skills. Art and creative direction, design, strategy, concepting, headline copy, campaign development, branding and rebranding, illustration, icon design, custom typography.

Channels. Print, digital, out of home, video, AR, in-store, event, social, experience design.

Sectors. Technology, banking, finance, healthcare and health-realted products, retail, education, logistics, food and beverage.

Technical. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Aurasma, TypeTool.

What I dig

Right now I’m really into Podcasts and YouTube videos about our industry. I’ve no doubt that the conversations have made me more knowledgable and increased my industry vocabularly and awareness. Highly recommend the Disrupter, Madison & Culture, and Ad Age Ad Lib podcasts. Thought leaders that I can listen to all day, and in a way have mentored me via various channels, are people like Wendy Clark of DDB; Rob Schwartz of TBWA\Chiat\Day\NY; and Dan Wieden of Wieden & Kennedy. Really enjoy the thoughts of Genius/Steals, too.


  • Featured in "LogoLounge 10" – 2017
  • Platinum Hermes Award for Logo Design 2016
  • Muse Creative Award - Brochure Design 2016
  • Platinum MarCom Award for Print Ad Design 2013
  • American Web Design Award (GD USA Magazine) 2013
  • Winner of two VEMA Awards for Web Design 2013
  • Logo chosen by L.L. Bean for feature in their Spring Business Apparel Catalog
  • Winner of 6 American Graphic Design Awards; Featured in GD USA Magazine 2012
  • Featured in “LogoLounge Book 7” 2012
  • MarCom Award (Platinum) Logo Design 2011
  • Featured in “Business Cards 1,” edited by David E. Carter 2011
  • International Design Awards (Gold) Integrated Launch 2011
  • American Web Design Award (GD USA Magazine) 2011
  • Hermes Creative Award (Platinum) Integrated Launch 2011
  • Hermes Creative Award (Platinum) Logo Design 2011
  • Hermes Creative Award Mobile Web Design 2011
  • Hermes Creative Award Microsite Web Design 2011
  • American Design Awards Brochure Design 2011
  • Finalist IDA – Designer of the Year 2011
  • Featured in Graphic Design USA Magazine 2010-2011
  • American Graphic Design Award Winner for Web Design 2010
  • American Graphic Design Award Winner for Logo Design 2010
  • Featured in “LogoLounge Master Library Series” 2010
  • Featured in “The New Big Book of Layouts,” HarperCollins 2010
  • MarCom Award (Platinum) Brochure Design 2010
  • MarCom Award (Platinum) Logo Design 2009
  • Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals Logo Design 2009
  • Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals Web Design 2009
  • Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals Brochure Design 2009